Drilling Equipment Inspection

Global Lifting Services Nigeria

Personnel involved in our operations and inspections are all qualified and competent professionals. All of them are trained in at least one or more Non Destructive Testing technique.

HANDLING TOOLS: There are several different types of handling tools which Global Lifting Services Nigeria can inspect: Drilling Elevators, Rotary Slips, Tongs, Safety Clamps, Elevator Links and many more.

BOTTOM HOLE ASSEMBLY: There are many different types of BHA which Global Lifting Services Nigeria can inspect, these include Rotary Subs, Stabilisers, Fishing Tools, Pup Joints, client special tools and many more.

TYPES OF INSPECTION: Thread Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness.

All our engineers have been given specialised external and internal training and are continually assessed. This provides objective evidence that they are competent to perform the duties required of them.

On completion of the inspection the reports can be provided in hard copy or PDF format, prior to the engineers leaving the site. Alternatively, within 48 hours of their return to base, all reports and certificates are posted to the internet for download by the client.

Global Lifting Services Nigeria offer a full range of onsite Drilling equipment inspection and testing services to ensure your equipment adheres to industry regulations. We prolong the lifetime of your equipment and minimise the inconvenience and costliness of downtime. Our fully qualified engineers are experienced and qualified to carry out all your inspection requirements.