Global Lifting Services Nigeria

Certification Control: Global Lifting Services Nigeria have developed in-house, a database which will control and maintain on an on going basis, the certification and register of all lifting equipment, both fixed and portable, in use on all installations and sites.

An individual database can be created for your company if desired and broken down into separate installations, departments, SBU’s and sites.

A record will be raised for every item of lifting equipment of each site, department or as discussed/agreed. This will be done manually after the first inspection or if currently operating a system, then it may be possible to import the data electronically. Each record will contain as a minimum the following information: • Name of Company / Installation or site • Equipment identification number • Description and safe working load of equipment • Location of equipment on installation or site • Date first put into use, manufacturer, date of manufacture and test certificate number. • Date of last inspection, type of inspection, name of inspector and Inspection Company. • Results of last inspection, any remedial action/s required and date of completion. • Last date for next inspection

Once the records have been entered for the individual sites or departments, Global Lifting Services Nigeria will initiate a live test certificate file.

Global Lifting Services Nigeria will ensure the live certificate file is maintained and all obsolete certificates are transferred to a dead certificate file. These certificates will be held for a minimum of two (2) years.

Global Lifting Services Nigeria can also provide many other reports ranging from analysis of defects found in equipment over a period of four surveys, to identifying trends and suitability of types of equipment, to print out types, size and make of equipment. We also provide a facility whereby all reports and certificates can be electronically transferred thereby reducing delays from the time the work was carried out to the time the completed report is received.